We think long horns are fantastic!
  And, we have a bunch of beautiful long-horned Texas Longhorns
walking around to prove that point!

But as you go to sales and scout around on websites for animals to add to your herd, don't lose sight of all of the special qualities and characteristics that have made this breed so magnificent and long-lasting.

With so much emphasis today on just selecting for the longest-horned animals,
we at Pearl Longhorn Ranch are working to bring you a “total package” of strong traits and genetics that make for some of the highest-quality registered Texas Longhorns around.

Body Size
It takes some great foundation animals to produce top quality offspring. We endeavor to select and breed for cows that are exceptionally large-framed, with very deep and long bodies. Our senior herd sire is one the more massive bulls in service today and, at seven years old, already stands over 61" tall at the hips and has 66" of total horn. His outstanding height is richly complemented by tremendous framing, muscling, and top conformation. Our junior herd sire is maturing into another massive young bull who produces top conformation and size on his offspring. Early horn growth on some of his young calves is very promising that he will follow in the footsteps of his famous sire to produce beautiful long-horned daughters.

Our adultfoundation females are large-bodied also and will average in weight from 900-1,400 lbs. while still maintaining very feminine qualities and appearance. Combined with strong traits from a top sire, these large-sized mamas will consistently deliver big-framed, well-muscled, and deep-bodied calves.

Hardiness & Top Mothering Abilities
It's pretty simple. If she can't milk, she won't raise a big, healthy calf. All of our foundation cows have superb milking ability and it's easy to see the importance of this quality when you look at the babies they wean. We also have some of the most devoted mama cows you can find. They're robust, healthy, calve easily, breed back regularly, and have outstanding dispositions. These are the traits you want to be passed on year after year to successive generations.

Strong Bloodlines
We make sure each of our foundation cows brings a strong line of genetics to our herd. Many of these young females are daughters and grand-daughters of well-recognized grand dams who are still producing beautiful calves while now in their twenties. And, each one of our foundation cows and our herd sires has notable bloodlines that can be traced back to some of the most important and legendary herd sires in the Longhorn industry. You can't build anything of worth without a strong foundation.

Handsome Coloring
It’s said that Longhorns come in "every color of the rainbow" and we love to see lots of distinctive color and flash on our calves. Our last two calf crops have brought us an exciting explosion of colors with everything from brindles and roans to fancy black & whites and gorgeous line backs. Each calving season brings a new set of rich and beautiful colors.

Lovely Horns
Those big, beautiful horns are what make this breed so special and unique and you can easily bet we're out to produce some nice, l-o-n-g horns. However, we also expect our cows and bulls to "measure up" on all of the other valuable and desirable Texas Longhorn characteristics.

By all means, keep your tape measure handy if you enjoy those awesome long horns. But as you search for new stock, look for— and learn to select for—the many superb traits and characteristics that have made Texas Longhorns such a valuable and magnificent breed throughout history.


Long Horns, Deep Bodies,
& Proud Pedigrees

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