We hope you will enjoy looking through this special section of our website devoted to fun, work, and happenings around the ranch. It's our little scrap book. You'll get a chance to see family, friends, and even some of those Texas Longhorns in their 'better' moments.  


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Spring calving season starts off with a beautiful black & white heifer from Catch A Flower... (baby Indigo Star)
(April 2003)
Easter Morning -- playing with some of the new calves (April 2003)
Those big horns do come in handy .... especially at nap time.
(May 2003)
Young trophy steer, Sir B-Fo gives Prentice a big "smooch."
(May 2003)

BW thinks he's important enough to ride in the pickup too.
(July 2003)

  Our daughter, Julie, hits a few licks on some fence-building chores. (Sept 2003)    
Navidad is always single minded...show me the range cubes!
(June 2003)
Chuck and Darlene get hooked on Longhorn lovin' with Hope Floats! (October 2003)  
  PLR is a proud sponsor of the 2003 TLBAA Horn Showcase in Fort Worth (November 2003)  
The branding iron is ready to go!
(December 2003)
The calves get their numbers and the "Horny P"
...and Noel & Holly - A double-barrel surprise package on Christmas Day!
(December 2003)
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