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PLR Ain't Misbehavin'
  PLR Texas Tommie


PLR Mona's Mischief
This beautiful mahogany-red heifer is a lovely and big-bodied daughter from PLR Texas Tommie. "Missy" has a rich heritage of breeding names in her background, exceptional size and depth with strong conformation, heavy horns, and the legacy to be a top foundation female like her dam and granddam. She's a granddaughter of two of our top foundation cows ... our TLBAA Dam of Excellence, Miss Mona and our outstanding Emperor daughter, Bayou Lou 362.
     See Ain't MisBehavin's first calf (PLR Rio Durango) on our Bulls page.
A young Herd sire prospect sired by Bull Creek Longhorns', LT Rio Grande 103. This young bull carries the strong names of JP Rio Grande crossed on a daughter of Emperor and Tari Graves in his genetics.
Ain't MisBehavin' is bred back to CC PeaceKeeper for an early 2015 calf. (photo on 4-19-2014) 
[ VJ Tommie
Bayou Lou 362
[ BH Mr. Smokey
WT Miss Mona's Liberator

No Double

OT Superior's Droopy



Bayou Valentine


Dark Star Chex

BH Sweet Anna


Country Liberator

Day's Miss Mona

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