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PLR  Rambo

  1/ 03/2007

Okay! Just hold the phone!...We had planned to make a pretty steer out of this big boy, but his growth spurt this Spring has made us put him back into the category of a breeding-quality bull. With a grand and very striking appearance (more of those great Emperor crossed on Phenomenon genetics), this young bull has the bloodlines (and now the overall size) to make him herd sire material. He can certianly bring top genetics to your breeding program! He's a Phenomenon grandson and an Emperor grandson with a pedigree that's stacked for size and big horn.  
(lg photo on left at 16 months old)   Horns:  36" ttt / 40" total horn  (on 6-21-08)

[ Phenomenon
Singed Edges
[ Emperor
Classinita FM 228


Doherty 698


JW Asphalt

DD Chantilly



Ranger's Measles



FM Graves 86

  CC PeaceKeeper
  Delta Beverly
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