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of the Texas Longhorn
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PLR Flower Patch
TLBAA:   pending
Sire:   PLR Texas Tommie
Dam: Catch A Flower


Like mother Like daughter!  Catch A Flower, (one of our original three foundation cows) is coming up on 20 years old and still producing and raising pretty heifers like this... a true testament to the hardiness and mothering abilities of Texas Longhorn females who always out-produce themselves each year. A daughter of Texas Tommiw, the young Flower Patch is a young heifer with a lot of promise. We enjoy her pretty coloring of orange & white paint splatter spots. Much like a field of pretty wildflowers!  (photo on 2-03-18)

[ VJ Tommie
(aka Unlimited)
Bayou Lou 362
[ Classic Catch
Cactus Flower

No Double

Superior's Droopy



Bayou Valentine





4Star Classic Surprise

HCC Lin's Yellow Rose


  PLR Texas Tommie

Catch A Flower
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