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of the Texas Longhorn
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Hombre PLR


The pairing of the rock-solid Phenomenon and Emperor genetics has always been known to produce some top offspring in the Longhorn breed.  Hombre PLR boasts a set of lofty genetics from these two great bulls that will add breeding strength to any program. Big-framed and heavy muscled with excellent conformation, he is a true standout at an early age. Hombre is a full brother to PLR Keepsake L'oreal owned by Rick and Cori Garcia and to Patrick Mullinx's outstanding young herd bull, PLR Bandelero.   (Photo at 9 months old.)  Texas Longhorn Bull For Sale

Inset photo:
MM Lotta Princess (dam of Hombre PLR), was the covergirl
for the 50th Anniversary issue
of TLBAA's Trails Magazine in June 2014
[ Phenomenon

Singed Edges
[ Emperor
Notta Lotta Color


Doherty 698


JW Asphalt

DD Chantilly



Ranger's Measles


Tri-W Ladies Man

Lone Star Lady

  CC PeaceKeeper
MM Lotta Princess
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