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Lone Star Tommie PLR

TLBAA   pending
Sire:   PLR Texas Tommie


PLR Phenomenal
Lone Star Tommie brings a strong combination of genetics from some of the most outstanding animals in our foundation stock...including the late Delta Beverly. A double dose of Emperor on some top Butler genetics are the foundations for top size, wonderful coloring, and great horns. We will be watching this stout yearling bull very closely. Lots of handsome brown speckling to come to the surface when he slicks off for the summer and his red areas are turnng to a deep chocolate brown like his papa.. (Photo at 13 months old)). Herd Sire prospect for sale.

[ VJ Tommie
Bayou Lou 352
[ Phenomenon
Delta Beverly

No Double

OT Superior's Droopy



Bayou Valentine



Doherty 698



Classinita FM 228

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