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PLR Zealot's
Sweet Dreams

  Zealot BCR
  PLR Keepsake
Sweet Serenity

A big-bodied and well-built young heifer who carries a rock-solid heritage of well-known genetics in her background. Lovely disposition to go with that sweet face. Pale red speckling is starting to appear across her white areas and the big-based horns are shooting out with a great little twist out on the tips. Starbase Commander, JP Rio Grande, Dixie Impack, and Phenomenon in her background. (photo on 6-12-2016 at alomost 18 months old)

[ Crusader ECR
Dabble in Stars
[ CC PeaceKeeper
PLR Sweet Dixie Liberty

JP Rio Grande

Tari's Transition


Starbase Commander

Star Face



Singed Edges


Liberty 877

GJ Sweet Serenity

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