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  F o u n d a t i o n  C o w s  
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As you start searching for top-quality seed stock to build your foundation herd, one of the most important aspects 
are the names in those pedigrees — strong breeding names that have stood the test for years and are known in the 
industry for always producing the best in top horn, lovely color, strong conformation, and creating resale value.
We're proud to include the names of the sires and grand sires behind our foundation stock— 
each of these outstanding cows bringing valued bloodlines and strong breed characteristics to her beautiful offspring!
PLR Doña Hallelujah
Steph 102
Riva Ridge

Don Julio daughter

Tri-W Lethal Weapon granddaughter
Shadow daughter
Classic Ruby 4/6
MM Lotta Princess
PLR Sweet Dixie Liberty

Cowcatcher granddaughter

Emperor daughter
Liberty 877 daughter
PLR Gold Keeper
PLR Lady Bella
PLR Silver Belle

Overlord granddaughter

Emperor granddaughter
Farlap Chex daughter
PLR Eclaire's Elegance (Ellie)
PLR Super Celebrity
PLR Ziva

Starbase Commander granddaughter

Super Bowl granddaughter
Shadow granddaughter
PLR Keepsake Ruby Rose
WT Miss Mona's Libertor
PLR Chizeled Gold (Chica)

Phenomenon granddaughter

Country Liberator daughter
Jamakizm granddaughter
Navidad CP
RVR Peggy Sue Rose
PLR Keepsake Dixie Darling

Tar Man daughter

Farlap Chex granddaughter
Phenomenon granddaughter
Dixie's Reflection
IM Queen Fire
Majesty's Secret Star

Whelming Prince daughter

Farlap Chex daughter
Monarch granddaughter
SR Goer's Maggie
PLR Chizm's Pizzazz
PLR Classy Jewel

Emperor granddaughter

Don Julio granddaughter
Blue Warrior daughter



PLR High Hopes
CC Sterling Blanca
PLR Mona's Smokin' Mischief

Overlord granddaughter

JK Sterling daughter
Dark Star Chex granddaughter
PLR Chizm's Casablanca
PLR Phenomenal Phanciee
CC Sizzlin' Cinderella
Jamakizm granddaughter
Phenomenon daughter
Shadowizm granddaughter
PLR Texas Dixie Confettie
VJ Tommie granddaughter

O U R  P L R  L E G A C Y   F E M A L E S
Delta Beverly
Bayou Lou 362
Delta Bella
Emperor daughter / 1991-2008
Emperor daughter / 1997-2016
Emperor daughter / Retired 2009
Catch a Flower
FCF 24 Carrot
PLR Texas Gold

Classic Catch daughter / 1997-2018

Overlord daughter / Retired 2011
VJ Tommie granddaughter / 20-2016
ZD Delta Bacharach
GJ Sweet Serenity
PLR Mystic Fire

Gunman granddaughter / 2002-2012

Bail Jumper daughter / 1993-2011
Shadowizm granddaughter / 2005-2009
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