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Updated: 06-Sep-2017
Registered Texas Longhorn Cattle for Sale
Flashy Colors & Strong Genetics to Build Your Longhorn Herd
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H E R D   B U L L   P R O S P E C T
  VANIZM GOLD PLR . . . $ 2,000

Outstanding young herd sire with size, build, color, and horn!  a Son of Vanizm (74.25" tip to tip) and out of our top-producing granddaughter of Overlord and Phenomenon, GoldKeeper. Color, horn, size, and a stout genetic package for your herd!
(Vanizm Gold is 42" ttt / 45" total horn at 17 months old)

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See more about Blue Warrior

PLR Flower Patch . . $ 1,800
PLR Texas Tommie x Catch A Flower
(dob: 5-16-2016
Flashy orange & white spotted Texas Tommie daughter out of "Flower" who has been one of our top producers since we started. This yearling is coming on strong with a nice build and sweet, feminine look.

Sire: PLR Texas Tommie
See more about Blue Warrior PeaceKeeper

Steph's 2017 Heifer. . . $ 1,600
CC PeaceKeeper x Steph 102
(dob: 2-25-2017
Great show heifer prospect with lovely black & white coloring and large-framed, deep body. Weans in early September.

Sire: CC PeaceKeeper
See more about Blue Warrior PeaceKeeper

PLR Keepsake Paprika. . . $ 1,500
CC PeaceKeeper x PLR Texas Dixie Confetti
Colorful PeaceKeeper daughter out of a beautiful speckled, big-horned Texas Tommie daughter. Color, horns, and great genetics to back up this sweet package!

Sire: CC PeaceKeeper
See more about Blue Warrior PeaceKeeper

PLR Class Act Keepsake. . . $ 1,500
CC PeaceKeeper x PLR Super Celebrity
PeaceKeeper daughter with great conformation and strong genetics to make her a great foundation heifer producing size, color and horns. "Classy" weans in early September.

Sire: CC PeaceKeeper

PLR Texas Night Angel . . . $ 1,100
PLR Texas Tommie x SR Goer's Angelfire
(dob: 8-14-2015)

Deep, rich black and walnut value-added coloring on this little angel. Her dam has always thrown dark colors and it appears she will be much like her mama. Will be exposed in July.

Sire: PLR Texas Tommie

PLR Glory Be . . . $ 2,400
PLR Texas Tommie x PLR Dona Hallelujah
(dob: 7-23-2016)

Fancy-colored granddaughter of both the great bulls Don Julio and VJ Tommie. Great breeding heifer with fancy coloring and powerful names in her background!

Sire: PLR Texas Tommie

PLR Kettle's Jama. . . $ 2,200
Black Kettle x PLR Bella Jamaica
(dob: 12-01-2016)

Beautiful Black Kettle daughter who carries a striking appearance even as a youngster. Nice size and strong conformation. Great genetic pacakge for breeding and also for the show ring.

Sire: Black Kettle
See more about Blue Warrior

PLR Charming Charley. . . SOLD
CC Blue Warrior x PLR Charmed Keepsake
Flashy dark walnut and white speckling make this show heifer propect a standout at a young age. She is one of the last calves from Blue Warrior.

Sire: CC Blue Warrior
See more about Blue Warrior PeaceKeeper

PLR Fanfare Keepsake . . . SOLD
CC PeaceKeeper x PLR Super Celebrity
Pretty red yearling PeaceKeeper daughter who is growing up to look a lot like her big-horned mama. Phenomenon and Super Bowl genetics make Fanfare a great prospect as a breeding heifer. Not exposed.

Sire: CC PeaceKeeper

PLR Zealot's Sweet Dreams. . . SOLD
Zealot BCR x PLR Keepsake Sweet Serenity
(dob: 12-25-2014)

Beautiful conformation on this outstanding heifer with tons of horn zooming out! Has a great personality; white with red speckling. Strong breeding in her background on top and bottom..

Sire: Zealot BCR
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No listings on bred cows or pairs at this time; please check back after summer calving season is completed.
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Hombre PLR . . . . $ 1,200
CC PeaceKeeper x MM Lotta Princess
(dob: 12-09-2016)
Impressive young bull with stout genetics to back up his stout looks!  A grandson of both the highly respected bulls, Emperor and Phenomenon.

Sire: CC PeaceKeeper

Tommie Tesoro . . . . SOLD
PLR Texas Tommie x PLR Chizm's Pizzazz
(dob: 1-12-2017)
Excellent show propsect for a bull or steer on this 5-month-old Texas Tommie son. Outstanding size and thickness to go with a paint splatter of dark red spots. His dam is a Jamakizm and Don Julio grandaughter. Will wean in late July.

Sire: PLR Texas Tommie

Tommie Nocona PLR . . . SOLD
PLR Texas Tommie x Navidad CP
(dob: 4-03-2016)
Handsome burnt-orange and white spotted junior bull or trophy steer propsect. Nocona has the coloring to stop traffic and is also big-bodied and well framed.

Sire: PLR Texas Tommie
  Available For Sale
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Chantilly's 2017 Bull . . . $ 850
PLR War Hawk x PLR Chantilly Blue
(dob: 1-27-2017)
Fancy black & white paint steer prospect with strong conformation and large frame; grandson of CC Blue Warrior. Sire is award-winning show bull, War Hawk PLR. (photo at 5 months old)

(aka Ocho)

Cactus Blossom's 2017 Bull . . . $ 850
RM Checkered Flag x 585 Cactus Blossom
(dob: 3-19-2017)
Heavy-duty horn potential on this young steer prospect who is a son of 83" tt Checkered Flag. Nicely built and well-balanced calf who seems to be getting his "checkered flag" speckles now.
(photo at 5 months old).


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