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Terms of Sale

All cattle prices are subject to change without prior notice and are based on recent sales of stock, herd changes, new arrivals, and/or new acquisitions of stock. If you have contacted us about a particular animal and we have quoted a price to you, we will hold that price for you for 30 days from the date of your first inquiry.

Payment Methods

Full payment is required at the time of purchase, except for special or seasonal "lay-away" arrangements.

Payment will be accepted via cash or cashier's check. Personal checks are only accepted from established customers. For long distance orders or large purchases, wire transfers can be arranged.

Checks should be made payable to: Pearl Longhorn Ranch

A TLBAA Registration Certificate and transfer of ownership will be furnished to the buyer free of charge upon the qualified sale of an animal. Transfers will not be completed until all payment has cleared.

We have cattle for sale at all times. Most of our cattle are available for sale, however, for the sake of our breeding program goals, foundation animals may be unavailable for purchase due to the integral part they might play in that effort. In some cases, we may select a new heifer or bull to add to our own breeding herd. This will be noted in the website information about that animal or on our price list. As our herd grows, then some of our foundation stock will be made available for sale.

After acceptance of an offer to purchase and payment transactions are completed, the Buyer will assume full responsibility for the animal. A down payment in a layaway situation on an animal constitutes a decision to purchase and is not refundable.

The sole risk and responsibility for the animal belongs to the new owner.This includes medical work above and beyond normal vaccinations. Possession cannot be obtained until full payment for the animal has cleared. Should the Buyer want to delay the pick-up of the animal after full payment has been made, boarding fees may incur as outlined below. Animals left with us for rebreeding will normally not incur boarding fees, if the subsequent rebreeding is included in the sales transaction. See other information below concerning pasture breeding and boarding.

Health & Branding
All heifer calves born and raised at Pearl Longhorn Ranch will have received their Official Calfhood Vaccination (OCV) for brucellosis. All calves are also vaccinated for blackleg, upper respiratory and other viral infections, lepto/vibrio, and will have received scheduled worming medications. All calves born and raised at Pearl Longhorn Ranch will be branded with our holding brand before leaving the ranch, unless they are still at the side of the dam and sold as aa cow/calf pair.

We guarantee the health of all of our animals up until possession by the new owner.

Pricing / Right of Withdrawal
We reserve the right to withdraw any animal from sale availability, as long as no formal offer is pending for that animal. Prices may change at any time and without notice, due to market fluctuations, herd size, large sales of stock, calving dates, and re-breeding schedules. Prices will not be adjusted for a period of 15 days for any animals with offers on them.

Lay-Away and Boarding
We can provide lay-away arrangements for some purchases. These terms will be decided on a case-by-case basis and layaway purchases may also include a boarding fee.

Boarding fees* for adult animals will be $2.00 per day for summer months (April - August) and $4.00 per day for fall/winter months (September - March). Calves, at side of a dam visiting for breeding, will be charged at $1.00 per day. Due to recent drought conditions in Texas, we start haying & feeding sometimes in late August. Please check about boarding fee rates for drought situations.

Young PLR calves purchased before they are weaned will not be subject to a boarding fee until weaning has occurred and after a three-week adjustment period for the calf. We strongly suggest a three week period before taking possession of a newly-weaned, young heifer or bull calf. After that adjustment time, boarding fees will apply unless prior arrangments have been completed with PLR.

Any female brought to PLR for pasture breeding and boarding will be subject to approval of its overall health and review of veterinary records for vaccinations and treatments. The animal's Owner assumes full responsibility for the animal when left for breeding/boarding and will sign a release of reponsibility as part of arrangements..

* Boarding fees are subject to change without notice based on fluctuations of weather conditions, feed and fuel costs.

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