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Senior Herd Sire
    Phenomenon Genetics!
This outstanding young son of the famous Texas Longhorn herd sire, Phenomenon, joined our breeding herd in early 2005 as a junior herd sire. He brings a well-known and very highly-respected bloodline to our expanding breeding program. Now at just over seven years old, he is making his own mark in the Longhorn breeding world and is showing excellent potential for some long, lateral horns and developing a very deep, large-framed, and well-muscled body indicative of a high-quality Texas Longhorn sire. And, he consistently passes body traits and the long, lateral horns to is offspring.

DOB 11-19-2003
Horns:  75.5" total horn / 61" ttt

CC PeaceKeeper

PeaceKeeper's dam, Singed Edges, is a beautiful, big-horned, black & white Emperor grand-daughter, (measuring 64" ttt and 79+" of total horn) who established herself as a top foundation female in the Cedar Creek Cattle Co. herd and became the producer of some superb-looking progeny over the past several years.

PeaceKeeper's first calf crops have proven that he sires large, heavy-bodied offspring that are very correct, well-framed, colorful, and have strong, horn growth at an early age.

(top photo in June '07; lower photo in Mar '08)


CC PeaceKeeper's 2005/2006 Progeny
JB Indigo's Keepsake
PLR Ramrod
WCR Treasured Keepsake
October 2005
January 2006
April 2006
Linda Lu's bull
PLR Phoenix
PLR Charmed Keepsake
April 2006
April 2006
April 2006

CC PeaceKeeper's 2007 & 2008 Progeny
PLR Rambo
PLR Terrazzo
PLR Crystal  Keepsake
January 2007
January 2007
March 2007
PLR Keepsake Cameo
PLR High Roller
Mystic Fire's Bull
April 2007
April 2007
May 2007
PLR Keepsake Lady Liberty
PLR Majestic Keepsake
PLR Keepsake Ruby Rose
Sept 2007
February 2008
February 2008
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