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5840 FM 183, Evant, Texas 76525

Ranch Office:
1004 Lisa Drive
Austin,Texas 78733
512.263.5313 office
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Preserving the
Legacy of the
Texas Longhorn
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Last update:

  Y o u n g  H e i f e r s  
PLR Texas Glory Be
PLR Kettle's Coronita
PLR Flower Patch
Texas Tommie x
PLR Dona Hallelujah

Black Kettle x
PLR Keepsake Bayou Buttercup
Texas Tommie x
Catch A FLower
PLR Deacon's Angel Dust
PLR Kettle's Jama
PLR Deacon x
SR Goer's Angelfire
Black Kettle x
PLR Bella Jamaika
   2017 HEIFERS

PLR Class Act Keepsake
PLR Kettle's Eclaire
PLR Vanity Flair
CC PeaceKeeper x
PLR Super Celebrity
Black Kettle x
PLR Eclaire's Elegance
Vanizm X
SR Goer's Maggie

PLR Keepsake Paprika
PLR Chiquita Sarita
PLR Chloe's Dazzle
CC PeaceKeeper x
PLR Texas Dixie Confetti
Texas Tommie x
Navidad CP

Texas Tommie x
RVR Chloe Rose
We have heifers for sale at all times;
please contact us for our current price list.
Also check out Our Featured Buys listings to see
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