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PLR Keepsake

  CC PeaceKeeper
  PLR Texas Dixie Confetti

Her dam is a speckled beauty and she has passed that pretty red confetti coloring to her first daughter!  Paprika is an offspring from our "Sweet Serenity" bloodline which has produced some fine females for us over the years -- we currently have her dam, granddam, and great granddam in our herd and all are excellent producers. Little Paprika is growing into an awesome young heifer as well with color that will only get bolder and more spotted as she matures. She is double bred Emperor and double bred Phenomenon with VJ Tommie added in for some fun.  (photo on 8-13-2017)



Singed Edges
[ PLR Texas Tommie

PLR Keepsake
Dixie Darling
  CC PeaceKeeper
PLR Texas
Dixie Confetti
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