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Steph's 2017 Heifer

  CC PeaceKeeper
  Steph 102

A striking black & white granddaughter of the great Phenomenon bull!   She's a definite young show prospect from of our herd sire, CC Peacekeeper and the beautiful blue roan cow, Steph 102. This lovely heifer is already showing excellent size and great conformation at a very early age Strong breeding bloodlines with some great Longhorn herd sires Phenomenon, Superior, Tri-W Lethal Weapon, Emperor, and Abraham in her background help make her a tremendous package that can add quality genetics, strong breed characteristics, and pretty horns to any program.  (photo at 5 months old)  
[ Phenomenon
Singed Edges
[ ERs Deadly Weapon
Blue Rose 568


Doherty 698


JW Asphalt

DD Chantilly


Tri-W Lethal Weapon

Miss Wide Lin



Phenomenal Rose

  CC PeaceKeeper
  Steph 102
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